Review : Rollerblade Metroblade GM 2016


New skates come out all the time, but most of the time they’re just updates to existing skates : New colors, new bits and pieces, minor tweaks here and there… It’s not necessarily a bad thing, on the contrary, but it’s not everyday that truly new skates comes out. So when that happens, I’m always […]

» Review : Rollerblade Metroblade GM 2016

Review : Powerslide 3x110mm FSK Frames


I got a pair of 3x110mm frames a few weeks ago, and wasn’t expecting much… but in the end, I was seriously blown away!

I’ve never liked skating 4x100mm frames around the city, 4x90mm had always been my maximum to enjoy skating outside circuits, and always thought the height was a big part of the problem, […]

» Review : Powerslide 3x110mm FSK Frames

Puppet : All-way near realtime file syncronization


Here is an example on how to obtain all-way near realtime file syncronization on a cluster of server nodes managed by Puppet. It uses the old-ish but very useful csync2 to track all files, combined with the excellent lsyncd to trigger synchronization based on inotify events.

Advantages :

Sound over HDMI for nVidia ION with Fedora

Zotac ZBOX ID41 Mini PC

I just battled for a few hours with a Zotac Zbox ID41, which is a nice MiniPC based on the Intel D525 dual core Atom CPU and the nVidia ION2 chipset. This particular one is used in a meeting room and runs Fedora 16 x86_64. Everything works fine with no special configuration, except sound over […]

» Sound over HDMI for nVidia ION with Fedora

OpenERP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


Here are some quick instructions to get OpenERP 6 up and running on RHEL6 (or any of its clones such as CentOS, Ascendos, etc.). It’s not meant to be a full howto, but might help in some cases.

OpenERP is still not included in Fedora nor EPEL as of writing this. Hopefully this will change soon, […]

» OpenERP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Nexus S Android update to 2.3.4


These are my quick notes after updating my Google Nexus S Android phone to the latest 2.3.4 release from this week. The main issue I had was that my phone was rooted, making the official update package fail with a “status 7” error, because the existing system was modified.

Updated 2011/10 : The 2.3.6 update works […]

» Nexus S Android update to 2.3.4

Custom : Colour Twister 243 Frames


Here are some pictures of colourful Twister 243 frames, which are the final result following my experiments detailed in the DIY : Anodizing skate frames post. The turquoise and dark red are the two most original colours which were available. The Twister frames look absolutely amazing, as you can see on the photos. An original […]

» Custom : Colour Twister 243 Frames

Dismantling : Salomon Deemax 3

Complete skate

Salomon has stopped producing inline skates in 2006, which is a shame since they had some really good models. Nothing amazing, but good engineering and good materials. The FSK line was no exception.

Today, I’ve dismantled a Salomon Deemax 3 skate (also known as Deemax³), which was sold during both the 2004 and 2005 seasons, replaced […]

» Dismantling : Salomon Deemax 3

Firefox Sync with your own server


I’m now sharing browsing history, stored passwords and bookmarks between my work desktop computer, my home desktop computer and my laptop, thanks to the Firefox Sync add-on. The best part is that all of the shared data is encrypted directly at the web browser level and stored on my own dedicated server using https. You […]

» Firefox Sync with your own server

DIY : Anodizing skate frames

Metro - GT - Hardcore

Anodizing skate frames is something I wanted to do for a while now, to get some colours in which original frames aren’t available. After finally getting in touch with a company specializing in anodization, here are the results.

The first test involved a pair of Powerslide Metro frames and the most flashy colour I could pick […]

» DIY : Anodizing skate frames

Custom : Descender Matter Freeride and Downhill

Rossignol Descender Mod 273

The Matter Juice wheels are the perfect match for the original yellow details of the Rossignol Descender. Here is the result of a photo session with the skate I previously presented with 5x90mm Hyper +Grip wheels.

The combination is so perfect, no one who sees this skate believes it’s actually 13 years old.

Note that since the […]

» Custom : Descender Matter Freeride and Downhill

Custom : Seba FR1 Bumble Bee Freeride and Downhill

Seba FR1 Bumble Bee Downhill

Since August 2010, new colour custom kits are available for the Seba FR skates, in addition to the existing red and black ones : Green, purple and… yellow!

I had always regretted the absence of a yellow colour kit, and I think I wasn’t the only one. Here are pictures of my FR1 skates changed to […]

» Custom : Seba FR1 Bumble Bee Freeride and Downhill

Review : Fila Low Profile Frames

Outside view

For its new 2010 freeride skates, the NRK and the NRK Road, Fila reused a whole bunch of features from existing skates, but introduced one never seen before on freeride skates : Low Profile frames which fit 80mm wheels but have a height of 35mm vs. the usual 40mm. This is a feature Fila is […]

» Review : Fila Low Profile Frames

Custom : Descender Downhill

Descender Downhill

Here is the result from the Hyb-Ride Custom dont vous êtes le héros topic : a Rossignol Descender with Seba Downhill frames. Definitely more than one downhill skater’s dream skate, but nearly impossible to assemble nowadays since Rossignol stopped producing the Descender around 2002.

No modifications were necessary to achieve the frame centring seen on the […]

» Custom : Descender Downhill

Review : Seba Balance liners

Two colors : BLACK/white (left) and WHITE/black (right)

I just love customizing skates, and I’m always thrilled when new high-end after-market parts get released. So when I saw the upcoming Seba Balance liners in the Seba catalogue earlier this year, my reaction was unsurprisingly “I want those!“. They just got released, I just got a pair, so I’ll share my impressions.

First off, I […]

» Review : Seba Balance liners

Dismantling : Fila NRK Road

Fila NRK Road

Fila has officially entered the freeride skates segment this year with its NRK line. As a side note, I’m curious as to what NRK stands for, as I have no idea, unlike FSK which is an abbreviation of Freeskate. Maybe just brands wanting to sound hype. We’ll know once people are no longer able to […]

» Dismantling : Fila NRK Road

RHEL6 (Beta) minimal installation


I’ve just started testing the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta, and I was really happy to see that the Minimal installation option is back at last. I know it’s always been possible to achieve something similar with RHEL5 and kickstart, or even something close enough by choosing to not install anything except the Base […]

» RHEL6 (Beta) minimal installation

Custom : CT 1.1 Freeride

After : Custom Tecnica CT 1.1

This is my first custom skate based on a Tecnica Crosstech. The only original parts I’ve kept are the shells and its buckles. The changes were straightforward, with the most tricky part being the frame mount spacing change from 188mm to the more standard 165mm.

The photos detail all of the important tricks used during the […]

» Custom : CT 1.1 Freeride

Apple iPod Nano 5th generation and Fedora GNU/Linux

iPod Nano fifth generation

I just got my first Apple iPod. Yes, me with an iPod. Don’t ask. It’s the latest Nano, the 5th generation, available since late 2009. It’s tiny, yet it packs 8GB of flash memory, a camera (for video only, not photo…), a microphone, an accelerometer, a relatively big screen, a radio… even a speaker.

I really […]

» Apple iPod Nano 5th generation and Fedora GNU/Linux

DIY : Replacing Rollerblade TRS buckles

Original rivet, the difficult to drill side

When fixing or customizing skates, a very common problem is having to deal with riveted parts. Rivets are cheaper than screws, and are a lot less likely to loosen up with vibrations, which is probably why most skates have some (most) parts riveted. If I had anything to say, everything would be only bolts and […]

» DIY : Replacing Rollerblade TRS buckles