Custom : CT 1.1 Freeride

This is my first custom skate based on a Tecnica Crosstech. The only original parts I’ve kept are the shells and its buckles. The changes were straightforward, with the most tricky part being the frame mount spacing change from 188mm to the more standard 165mm.

The photos detail all of the important tricks used during the transformation, and should be useful to anyone attempting similar changes.

Since the liners were quite worn, and were going to be replaced with modern ones which are much lower on the rear, it made sense to also replace the cuffs. After checking with Razors, USD, Remz, Seba and Rollerblade cuffs, the clear winner as the Rollerblade TRS cuff since its height was the one I was looking for, and fit the shell perfectly, using the original cuff mounting holes.

The end result is very similar to a Twister, with a slightly more retro buckles with no laces look.

The before and after photos really are the same skate, you can tell from the scratches if you look close enough!

As usual, thanks to Inercia for the parts!

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  1. Hi,
    Good job on the skates.
    Can you tell me if the Tecnica CT5 are also 188 mm spacing? Or 165m?

    1. I would assume that all of the CT and similar have that same 188mm spacing. Maybe not in small sizes, since 188mm seems like a lot… but I have nothing to be able to check that. I had a look at some PS7 I have, and the spacing is the same on those.

  2. Thanks.
    I bought some CT5 (size 44)on ebay but they are in another country at the moment so i can’t check them out. I guess it has been a pretty common modification in the past, with all the downhill frames that were put on these skates (and also the CT7, which are claimed to be among the best downhill boots along with the rossignol descenders).
    Interestingly I have some Bont inferno frames which have a 188 mount spacing as well as 165 and 195. But the goal is to put my Mogema XT frames on them so a mod might be necessary.
    Thanks again

    1. Yeah, you’ll have to make the same changes I made. The photos here will surely help! Just make sure to center the frame the way you want it, and drill only once.

      About the CT and Descender boots (as I own both)… in my opinion their strong point is only the thickness and stiffness of their sole/bottom part. Other boots from the same era, like the Twin Core for instance (same mould as the Twister if I’m not mistaken), are much thinner and hollower on the bottom so they can ultimately end up changing shape or breaking with heavy use.

      I’m quite sure this is why the CT and Descender have become iconic skates. But the truth is that all of the rest of the skates is really not so good : The cuffs are soft. The buckles are average (the Descender ones are beautiful, but try to put in a thicker liner and you can’t close them any more!). The liners are very thin. The original frames are awful. Lots of parts are riveted.

      As much as I love the CTs and the Descender, anyone wanting a stiff, strong, resistant downhill skate nowadays would be much better off with a pair of FR1 than pining for a pair of Descender… on which everything but the shell needs to be instantly replaced for it to become a decent skate.

      Sorry for the rant! I hope you’ll enjoy your CT5… just be prepared to change at least the cuffs and the liners in no time.

  3. I have a pair of Fr1s – modded with Bont Sniper 5 x 84, and an extra buckle, as well as Juggernaut liner. They are pretty good for downhill but weigh a tonne!
    What I like about the Tecnica is the high cuff and the velcro strap on the liner for extra closure. Plus a thin liner allows for more responsiveness and a sense of ‘feeling’the terrain (like a good downhill ski boot). But that’s all speculation – time will tell. I will let you know how they go.

  4. Hey Thias,

    any idea where I can order TRS cuffs? Or are Razor cuffs as good as TRS cuffs?

    Best wishes,

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