Universkate Seba High Carbon

We’ve waited years (literally) for this skate to come out. Here are my impressions.

First, I have to admit that like everyone who has seen this skate, my very first impression was a bit disappointing : It’s not feather light like one would expect from a Carbon skate. But when you think of it, a lot of the weight comes from the frames, wheels and bearings, which are unchanged here. Not to mention the liners and exterior, which again are the same.

Since the skate has a removable liner and a hard shell, it’s clear that it will never be as light as liner-less skates like the Powerslide S3 (Skali Pro), which isn’t made of carbon but weighs far less anyway. But fortunately, the High Carbon still has strong advantages :

  • The skate still feels really solid
  • The skate is still very comfortable

Both of these aren’t true for the S3 in my opinion. Now for the differences with the normal Seba High :

  • The spoilers are much more rigid : I have to leave them nearly loose to get the same tightness I am used to having
  • The overall weight is centred lower : Because the lower parts (frames, wheels, bearings) are unchanged and only some upper parts are lighter

The rest of the skate feels identical to the normal Seba High, since the liner is the same and the frame length and positioning too. Still, overall this is an amazing skate. The carbon helps shave off a little weight compared to the other Seba High skates while still providing the same level of comfort. And the cuffs are amazingly stiff.

Now the question many people have asked me about this skate is : But is it really worth paying 500€ for these? to which the answer is easy : If you are looking for the absolute best, sure, but if you’re just looking for a very good slalom skate, the normal Seba High skates are probably the optimal choice when taking the price into consideration.

Thanks to Inercia for the skates, as usual.

4 Replies to “Universkate Seba High Carbon”

  1. i drool at the site of this skate, however i’ll probably buy the FR1’s because of their versatility


  2. For my feets they are far more comfortables because of the wider shape of the carbon boots. Then, if you have short feets and wide, they will fit perfect on you !!!!!. Great skates………the best ever.

  3. Hi Thias, i read somewhere that the carbon highs are wider at the toebox than traditional ones. Do you think this is true?

    1. The latest High Carbon seem a bit different, so I couldn’t comment on those, sorry. As for my own old pair (this one), it’s definitely not narrow at the front, but I’m able to tighten them enough so that my feet don’t move at all, and I then have my toes not touching the front/inside, and staying in place while doing front-wheel figures, so I can’t complain at all.

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