Universkate Seba FR1 Deluxe 84mm Custom

Here are my Seba (Universkate) FR1 skates from the very first batch (end of 2006, I think) with their current customisations. Only the outer shell and a few screws are still from the original skates!

  • Seba 1 2007 liners (the very first original FR1 liners were crap)
  • Black heel buckle (with grey logo, current ones have it white instead)
  • Black sliders
  • Black spoilers (the newer 2008 double density ones)
  • Black top buckle (the originals were grey)
  • Seba 255mm Deluxe frames
  • Hyper +Grip 84mm 85A wheels (the older blue series, only orange exist now since 2007)

The outer shell is from a size 42, while the liner is size 43. This is because the outer shell from the 43 is bigger and the thinner Seba 1 liner fit well the smaller one. It’s the perfect size for my feet, and there is no void between the liner and the outer shell.

Thanks to Inercia for the skates, as usual.

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