Dismantling : Tecnica CT-1

This is a hard shell skate from 1997 (guessing from the 1996 manufacturing year of the plastic shell), which is known to be a very good base for customisation. Here are some useful pictures of the skate’s parts, taken while disassembling this pair of Tecnica CT-1 size 10/29.0 (which should be 10 UK and 29.0 MP).

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  1. Does anybody know where I can get new boots, my are falling apart. I have an 11.5mens size skate.


    1. eBay is your best choice, ebay.de probably, maybe ebay.it too. Good luck!

      If you meant only the liners, then pro skate shops have different after market models available, I especially like the Seba FR liners (as can be seen here on the last photo).

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