Twister Plus Metro

Custom : Twister Plus Mod and Metro

The Rollerblade Twister Plus is still by far my favourite skate, especially when it comes to customization. Yes, I already wrote that in my last entry… it’s just not likely to change any time soon. Here’s a couple of simple variations on the same base.

The common part is a Rollerblade Twister Plus (2004) size 28.0 MP with Rollerblade TRS cuffs, USD cuff bolts and Seba FR Drylex liners. My feet’s delight.

The Twister Plus Mod custom is equipped with the famous K2 Mod 246mm frame. Back in them days, it was THE FRAME because of its incredibly strong structure, unbreakable M8 tip axles and sub 250mm length. It is still an awesome frame, but compared to lots of today’s offerings, it’s now easy to see its defects : It’s very high, at 50mm it’s 9mm higher than the lowest 4x80mm frames, it has a very narrow base which cannot be reliably mounted directly to plastic shells, a non-standard mount spacing and no possible side adjustment. I’m still amazed at the frame’s stiffness, and really enjoy skating it.

On the photo, the frame looks even higher than it is because the wheels are already worn. They’re Matter Freeride and Slalom in an 80/76mm rockered configuration. The frame is mounted with 2mm thick aluminium plates which lower distortion and prevent damage to be made to the boot.

The Twister Plus Metro custom is equipped with the new 2010 Powerslide Metro frame. It’s a low-end frame, the one found on the freeride entry-level Powerslide Metro skates. The aluminium used doesn’t seem to be of great quality, and the finish is far from perfect, yet for once it seems like some effort has been put into making it a decent frame. It uses the standard 165mm mount spacing, has 3 bridges in the structure and thick walls. It is also as low as the Seba and Powerslide Hardcore frames, at only 41mm. At last a good entry level alternative to higher end frames.

The wheels on the photo are the new Matter Crazy Glue Freeskate wheels. I haven’t had the chance to fully test them yet, but my first impressions were very positive : An incredible grip, and very smooth ride despite their announced hardness.

5 Replies to “Custom : Twister Plus Mod and Metro”

  1. Nice, this is what I ride too, but with the first frame prototypes (they made a mistake in china and it’s slightly thicker than the production frame.
    I’m also on the 2nd generation twister and matter juice solid core F380

  2. Dear Thias,

    any idea where I can get RB TRS cuffs in size 41 (265mm) or plus?

    By the way, did you need to modify the FR-liners?

    1. The TRS cuffs should be available from most pro-shops. Depending on where you are, you might have to order online.
      The FR liners weren’t modified in any way, they fit pretty well as-is.

  3. Interesting. :)
    Can you name an online pro-shop? ’cause I really can’t find any with TRS cuffs. :/

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