The Twister III Pro 2008

The new Rollerblade Twister for this 2008 season will be improved at last. No real major changes, in fact the entire outer shell is identical, and the overall skate looks very much the same, but some details have been changed.

  • Shorter frame, now 245mm vs. 250mm previously. The one I’ve seen also had a better finish, with the rear flat surface a little wider. Great!
  • Better wheels, of 80mm vs. those crappy 76mm wheels that existed since the first Rollerblade model from 2004. At last!
  • Better liner, thicker especially around the ankle. It looks like it’s better quality, so it should be an improvement.
  • New heel buckle. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but they kept the same top buckle, which breaks after a few months… go figure.

The decoration also changes, with more white, including the laces, and some new drawings.

The retail price increases from 200€ to 220€ but with all these changes, the skate is worth it more than ever. It’s still a very comfortable skate, with a very good overall quality, and the only skate of this category to come equipped with a brake… not that I really care, but it sometime is a decisive factor for some skaters looking for their first freeride skate.

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