FreeNX headache

I’ve just wasted a couple of hours trying to get a FreeNX server working, but just kept getting this error :

Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running

Not very explicit, not very useful, and searching returns many results about people having the same problem. The solution is simple, though nearly impossible to find :

mkdir /tmp/.X11-unix
chmod 1777 /tmp/.X11-unix

Frustrating. Then all works. NX definitely needs this directory :

[root@vdesktop01 ~]# lsof -n | grep /tmp/.X11-unix
nxagent 3522 user 0u unix 0xffff88003519fa40 6406 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 8u unix 0xffff8800359888c0 6432 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 12u unix 0xffff880032439c40 6660 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 13u unix 0xffff88003519e440 6686 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 14u unix 0xffff8800324380c0 6787 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 15u unix 0xffff88003151d3c0 6809 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 16u unix 0xffff880030f6c640 6940 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 17u unix 0xffff8800309ccc00 6967 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 18u unix 0xffff880030442140 7024 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 19u unix 0xffff8800343c0600 7043 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 20u unix 0xffff8800340080c0 7072 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001
nxagent 3522 user 21u unix 0xffff880030384680 7178 /tmp/.X11-unix/X1001

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